Medium: someone who is able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed.

Psychic: someone who has a mysterious power that lets them know what other people are thinking and what is going to happen to them (in the future.)

Clairvoyant: somebody who is able to perceive things which are usually beyond the range of human senses.


Cheryl Ann’s gift allows her to go into a state of being where she becomes ultimately receptive to sights, thoughts, sounds and sensations which are beyond the reach of what we define as normal human perception. She has capabilities and a feeling for the fantastic clues that clearly seem to reside behind the illusory fabric of reality.

Readings can last for a few minutes or for hours. Much depends on how deeply the connection exists between Cheryl Ann and the recipient. While a single reading can be beneficial, readings over time more often bring the insights and clarity that satisfies a client.

Each day brings new tests for Cheryl Ann. She is constantly testing herself and determining the best way to connect with her clients.

Cheryl Ann is 100% accurate. As she performs a reading, she asks clients to write down words that might not make sense at the time. She has found that answers can come to a person days or weeks following a reading.

Those with the strongest connection to the person will make it through.

Whatever feels comfortable for the client is an ideal number of readings. Many clients seek the feeling of connectedness with others who have passed by scheduling regular readings. Others are satisfied with one or two readings. It’s all very individualized.

Often, that answer is yes. Cheryl Ann does feel physical pain whether it is connected with the client or a person who has passed. It often takes hours for her to decompress and process the information that she has transferred to a client.

A reading can take place at any time that is mutually convenient, day or night. Cheryl Ann welcomes follow-up phone calls to resolve issues or explore concerns.