Medium: someone who is able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed.

Psychic: someone who has a mysterious power that lets them know what other people are thinking and what is going to happen to them (in the future.)

Clairvoyant: somebody who is able to perceive things which are usually beyond the range of human senses.


I wanted to thank Cheryl for everything she has done for me. She is an extraordinary person with a true gift from God. She was at my home and did an investigation. As we sat at the table and talked over the evening events, she changed the conversation by saying "your mother is here." We had not discussed my mother nor the fact that she had passed on. The little things Cheryl passed on to me only my mother would have known. These were very personal memories that even I hadn't thought about in years. I've heard about many mediums and how they fish for connections to make a person believe, such as saying " a tall man" or "does the letter R mean anything." To me that is fishing. Cheryl did none of this. She was very to the point and confident in relaying messages that meant nothing to her nor would the things she said fit just any one in general; it was all just between me and Mom. There is no doubt in my mind that Cheryl is truly blessed by God with a very special gift. Thank you so much Cheryl for giving me a chance to connect with my Mother. It is a treasured memory I will carry in my heart forever. God bless you and all you do to help others.
Carol Vradenburg

My house has been thought of as "haunted" for about five years. In the past two years, there has been more "activity" in the house, mostly in the basement. I asked Cheryl to check it out to see if we could determine just what was going on.

As Cheryl approached the basement, she was physically pushed against the door and a rush of air blew her hair. She determined that whoever was "present" was not happy to have her there. Cheryl went on to discover five spirits in the area. As she was examining the basement, I was able to take photos and capture two of the spirits on camera which was amazing.

As Cheryl finished the cleansing, she was able to reassure me that the spirits posed no danger to me or my family. Cheryl also discovered that one of the spirits was my father who passed away nearly six years ago in this house. She was able to do a one-on-one with his spirit. From this exchange, she related information that only my father and I know. This was an emotional experience to me to realize that my father was still with me and wanted me to remember special things.

I truly believe Cheryl has an extraordinary gift. Thank you Cheryl for coming into my home and relieving me of concerns of harm to my family.

Three years ago, by fiancé Ryan passed away from a tragic event that occurred in his home. I was devastated and suicidal at this loss. Over the years, I had so many unanswered questions that I have not been able to let go of. I was fortunate and blessed that Cheryl came into my life to help me through my grieving process.

When I first agreed to a reading, I was skeptical; not knowing what would be said. But as the reading progressed, I realized that Cheryl was giving me specific information about my health that was known only to my family such as breast cancer.

After the segment on my health we moved to Ryan. Cheryl visioned and explained in detail special memories that Ryan and I had shared and his favorite memories from when he was a child. She even knew the exact type and color flower he often left for me as part of his daily routine.

At this point, I was not only speechless, but filled with joy knowing that he was in the room sharing our memories and smiling. My favorite moment among many, was Cheryl knowing where I spread his ashes and relating details about the location and surroundings.

The greatest gift of all was knowing that Ryan has never left, still loves me and is waiting for me. I can honestly say not only did this help me through my grieving process, but made me a believer in who she is and her special gift.

I feel so blessed to know that I can now move on and not live I the past.

Thank you Cheryl, for helping me not only feel again, but be able to celebrate my life in honor of Ryan.

I've been to many psychics including Sylvia Brown and her son and none have been more accurate than Cheryl. Most of my experiences have always resulted in past experience readings, but few were accurate with future predictions. Cheryl has been spot on when it comes to all phases of her readings. My sessions with Cheryl have been jam packed with predictions each and every time. Cheryl is a wonderful person and friend. I've recommended her over and over and will continue....

WOW! I feel like a huge dark cloud has been lifted and I am at peace...

I'm amazed at your accuracy…

We were relieved when Cheryl Ann came on the scene. We needed clarification that the body was indeed in the water.
Elba Police Department (Nebraska).

Your information brought us more information and opened doors to solving the case.
Lincoln Police Department (Nebraska):

The upper abdomen problem Cheryl foresaw was diagnosed this June. I'm now on the proper treatments. I probably wouldn't have been so adamant about the extra testing if it weren't for Cheryl's warnings.
Kelly R

I want you to know that I carry my list with me all the time and I am still realizing some of the things that came through in the reading. You are a special person! Thank you for what you do!!!

I didn’t know what to expect from a psychic reading and I was absolutely floored! Cheryl Ann mentioned things I did with my grandmother who has passed away without me saying a single word. Simply put I think this was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Cheryl Ann gave me the direction I needed to go on and my path seems so much clearer now. I am ready to head out into the world a new more self confident person knowing that the people I have lost are still there with me and are guiding me to be a better person. I cannot hold back the happy tears as I write these words... thank you so much you have truly opened my eyes!!

Cheryl Ann came into my life when I needed something or someone to believe in, to give me strength. In May, my husband and best friend of 28 years died tragically in an accident in our backyard. Later that year our son, age 22, went missing for eight days. Cheryl Ann was brought into my life by my son’s psychologist to help try to find him. She helped us search both mentally and physically until he was found drowned in a nearby lake. She was such a comfort and  so understanding of the anguish I was feeling.
Kristi C.

I am no longer a skeptic when it comes to Cheryl Ann’s gifts. I look forward to many more readings from her. I feel like she has been blessed with a gift from God and that he will guide her to use this gift in his name to help others
Donna L, Montana

Cheryl Ann predicted that something would come up that will include yellow balloons for me. I couldn’t imagine what that would be. But on my birthday two days later, when I got to my desk my co-workers had decorated my desk with ALL yellow balloons. My heart skipped a beat and I was stunned. When I told my co-workers what Cheryl Ann had told me, they were as amazed as I was.
Donna H.

Throughout the six years that I have known Cheryl, she has done countless readings for me. Her readings are insightful and very accurate. The validations I have received through her were a great comfort during the time of my husband’s death. I thank Cheryl for her gift and for everything she has done for me.
Liz W.