Medium: someone who is able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed.

Psychic: someone who has a mysterious power that lets them know what other people are thinking and what is going to happen to them (in the future.)

Clairvoyant: somebody who is able to perceive things which are usually beyond the range of human senses.


Always a spiritual person, my faith deepened when I found my higher power on a mountain top in Colorado. I realized that my gift, to bring clarity and validation to help people, came from him and that he was working through me to serve others.

There is a great deal of curiosity about what happens in a reading. What does the medium experience during a reading? I describe it as if I am recalling a dream, yet I am awake. The vision I see is not sequential, but choppy like an old movie. Click Here for more information »


  • Individual
  • Groups
  • Law enforcement
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Presentations

Beginning with a simple touching of hands, Cheryl Ann can relay information about health issues, job or career challenges, relationships, finances, and the future. She can connect with those who have passed, or help you to better understand the people in your life and your relationships with them. Readings are amazing, inspirational, and immensely healing.

Phone Reading: Although usually less intense, the same benefits of an in-person reading can be gained by phone. Cheryl Ann can connect though voice recognition, emotional tone, and language.

The upper abdomen problem Cheryl foresaw was diagnosed this June. I'm now on the proper treatments. I probably wouldn't have been so adamant about the extra testing if it weren't for Cheryl's warnings.
Kelly R.

Book clubs, co-ed social gatherings or coffee groups—any group of five or more can benefit from readings by Cheryl Ann. She spends at least 20 intense minutes with each person. Group sessions are priced according to the number of participants.

Few things are more frustrating to the law enforcement community than the inability to locate missing persons or bodies. Cheryl Ann has an extensive history of directing law enforcement to successful conclusions in such cases.

We were relieved when Cheryl Ann came on the scene. We needed clarification that the body was indeed in the water.
Elba Police Department (Nebraska).

Your information brought us more information and opened doors to solving the case.
Lincoln Police Department (Nebraska)

Home Cleansings

New homes can have strange sounds or troublesome, yet unexplained mechanical issues. Older homes sometimes have odd odors, peculiar movements or temperature issues. The reasons for such phenomena can be many. Cheryl Ann uses her unique abilities to pinpoint the problem, connect with it, and cleanse the home.

Business Cleansings

Bowling alleys are fun places-full of unique sounds and smells. Westside Lanes in Grand Island, Nebraska has all that as well as a lonely ghost. The story starts with 17 lanes that were transported from North Platte, Nebraska to replace a similar number in the Grand Island facility. Along with the equipment came the spirit they have named Ralph who they believe, was an employee at the North Platte bowling alley that was been killed in an accident at the previous location.

According to Mike, the mechanic who works on the equipment at Westside Lanes, strange occurrences began to happen shortly after the replacement lanes were installed-and they were happening almost daily. Boxes were falling unexpectedly, machinery was stopping and starting on its own, random malfunctions were becoming common and at least one employee experienced a sudden onset of violent physical illness (a sign of demonic influence). Four employees on the night crew smelled a strange tar smell and felt cold spots where there should have been none. There was no doubt that Ralph was making his presence known.

Cheryl Ann took her tape recorder and camera into the bowling alley to determine exactly what was causing the disruption and make contact with the spirit. She heard and recorded the noises and took photos of the apparition. She determined that the apparition is not vicious, but was warning the Westside crew that the equipment could be dangerous. She performed an actual read with the spirit that was in the room. Since the crew did not want the spirit removed, she communicated that message to the spirit and prayed to keep the crew safe. The result? Westside employees are now comfortable knowing about the spirit that was with them and the apparition was able to move forward knowing that he had warned the crew of possible dangers. (November, 2011)

WOW! I feel like a huge dark cloud has been lifted and I am at peace...
Lizzie S.

Usually held in a seminar or classroom format, Cheryl Ann’s presentations include her story and experiences. She works to promote understanding of her special gifts and offers individual readings with random members of the audience. Each presentation includes a drawing for an individualized session for a member of the audience, a $150 value. The cost for a presentation is based on the number in attendance and travel expenses.

I’m amazed at your accuracy…