Medium: someone who is able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed.

Psychic: someone who has a mysterious power that lets them know what other people are thinking and what is going to happen to them (in the future.)

Clairvoyant: somebody who is able to perceive things which are usually beyond the range of human senses.

I am a mother, a blue collar worker, a published poet, an outstanding college student and an educator. I am a woman from Middle America who has lived what many would consider a typical, productive and happy life. I explored new horizons, but always returned to my roots in America’s heartland.

My life has not been typical. The youngest daughter in a large fatherless family, as a child I predicted my older brother’s unexpected death. At age 11, after my own near-death from asphyxiation, I realized that I was able to see things that other people couldn’t see. When I was a young woman, an ominous dark angel came to visit me. After that I really began to pay attention.

I have been described as a warm, compassionate and thoughtful person with an exceptional gift to bring comfort to those around me. My gift is a natural one that allows me to give readings that are packed with information. My clients tell me that after a reading, they feel peace and happiness. While my gift is Christ-centered, I help people from all religions, beliefs and doctrines.